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Uses for Any Industry

  • Academic
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Home Builders
  • Warehouses
  • Construction

Quick-Deck ramps are modular and can be configured into a limitless amount of designs, heights, onto many surfaces and slopes.

Quick-Deck Ramps Design Benefits:

  • Limitless ramp configurations
  • Ramp leg supports are adjustable to any height
  • Ramp leg supports conform to any ground slope
  • Installs on most any ground condition
  • Interior & Exterior Application
  • Installed onto existing stages & structures allowing ADA access

Basic Ramp Designs

These as basic designs for our access ramp configurations. We can configure these in a thousand other ways to meet your space or buidling considerations.

Call (704) 888-0327 to address your specific needs.

Switchback Ramp
Accommodates site conditions non-conducive to a standard “L” shaped ramp configuration.
Standard Ramp
For thresholds 8” to 30” high.
Standard Ramp with Intermediate Landing
Intermediate landings are required for all ramps with thresholds greater than 30”.
“L” Shaped Ramp
Accommodates site conditions non-conducive to a standard or switchback ramp configuration.
Ramp with Extended Landing
Provides access for buildings with multiple doorways.
Stair Sets
Quickly fastened to landings for any threshold height.
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